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Summer at the Anton

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Go hiking

In the breathtaking surroundings of St. Anton…

Mountain biking

Climb the peaks of adventure

Rock Climbing

For the ultimate adrenaline rush!


Get in tune with your inner self

Play Golf

Enjoy the challenge of golf

Walking & Hiking

in the breathtaking surroundings of St. Anton …

… is an unforgettable experience that will delight nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. The region’s varied countryside offers an abundance of hiking trails through picturesque alpine meadows, dense forests and along crystal clear mountain streams.

Mountain biking

Climb the peaks of adventure

Discover the perfect mix of action and enjoyment on a bike & hike excursion in St Anton! Explore breathtaking trails and paths that take you through picturesque landscapes and to the region’s hidden treasures. Enjoy culinary delights in traditional mountain huts along the way.

Rock Climbing

For the ultimate adrenaline rush!

Embark on a fascinating journey of vertical challenges and feel the thrill of working your way up steep cliffs. Or choose one of the 100 routes in St. Anton’s ARL.PARK.


In tune with your inner self

An oasis of calm and inner peace awaits you in St Anton am Arlberg – practice yoga in the midst of the majestic Alps. Leave the stress of everyday life behind and immerse yourself in the harmonious atmosphere of this unique place.

For more information and great events visit arl.flow and Mountain Yoga Festival !

Play Golf

Experience the challenge and beauty of golf

Choose your favorite golf course in the area: Braz, Lech, Mieminger Plateau. (Or, in case of bad weather, the indoor golf simulator at our hotel).


The magic of fishing in St. Anton

Anglers can experience the magic of fishing in an idyllic oasis of peace and closeness to nature! The area is surrounded by majestic mountains and clear waters, with plenty of opportunities for fishing in both the river and the numerous fishing ponds, like for example Zuger Fischteich.


with a dog in style!

In St. Anton, hikers can enjoy a variety of landscapes while also receiving special consideration for their fluffy companions. Tirol is the perfect holiday destination for animal lovers and their four-legged friends, with a plethora of tours specially designed for hikers with dogs. The region offers numerous opportunities to explore nature together. From leisurely walks along picturesque riverbanks to more challenging mountain trails that are also suitable for dogs, there’s something for everyone! Discover the best tips for hiking with your furry companion and experience unforgettable adventures while enjoying the beauty of Tirol to the full!


Today is a special day as I get to join my family on an epic hike! The fresh mountain air rushes through my fur as I curiously explore every stone and flower along the way. My ears pricked up at the sound of birdsong and my nose sniffed excitedly at the scents of nature.

This hike isn’t just a walk in the mountains – it’s a shared adventure that brings us even closer together.

Join our very special guide on his adventures!

Bad weather – bad mood?

Not with us!

Indoor Golf

Precision sport in the heart of the Alps

Indoor golf in our hotel’s own golf simulator. Whatever the weather outside, golf lovers can enjoy their passion here all year round.

arl.park & arl.rock

Indoor adventure park

An adventure full of thrills and fun at Arl.park! Tennis? Bowling? Fool around on a trampoline? The arl.park team has got you covered!

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