Sustainable Hosptality

It’s a matter of principle

Starting from the ground up, our hotel embodies our philosophy of care for our environment. In order to advance, and succeed as a society, we must create an equilibrium with the world that we live in. We have done our utmost to deliver a sustainable and environmentally responsible experience in hospitality through reducing the carbon footprint of both our hotel and our guests.

We use solar energy, local products and partner with farmers to provide a more authentic Tirolean experience for our guests. We hold an Awareness Tirol Certificate for our work in promoting the use of local food in our hotel, therefore strengthening the cooperation between tourism and agriculture. We are also a Climate Partner,  an Amnesty International Supporter, and even our soaps are from Walde, Austria’s oldest soap factory.

Looking toward the future of transportation, we have added the capability of electric charging to our garage. We believe that these vehicles, when powered by renewable energy sources, embody the essence of environmental progress and pave the way for a brighter future in transportation.