Impression at a glance

The Writing’s on the Wall

Just as our passion for design has created our hotel, our passion for art has filled it. Through different mediums, such as photography and impressionist works by our friend Martin Eiter, we have sought to reflect the colours of our surrounding valley, from all the seasons. Winters white is the predominant shade, with images of snow and ice adorning the walls throughout.

Artists and friends ongoingly exhibit unusual works in the Anton. From the underground garage to Franz Türtschers 3d display in our lower entrance and the carpets throughout the hotel that embodied the theme of “Simply Arrive.”

Other pieces include work from Brigitte Kowanz, Franz West, Herbert Brandl, Thomas Feuerstein, Skero, Peter Warum, Günther Thöni, Ludwig Schwarz and Lois Hechenblaikner.ten.

By embodying the importance of visual art in bringing a space to life, we stay true to our passion for design. We sought to create a space that is different, unique in its reflection of the world it inhabits, and yet familiar to those who appreciate efficient and practical design. After all, your eyes are also on holiday.